WIFI 6E 802.11ax – Airbnb

We updated our STR IT infrastructure with a Cisco Business Wireless 150ax Access Point.

It is a great piece of kit, backwards compatible, the speeds are theoretically up to 1.8Gbps, so my guests can use their own network card or have option to plug in a WIFI 6E antenna, to make the best of the features available like OFDMA.

Residential home networks are typically flooded with mDNS requests from all sorts of devices connected that are usually around the house, to automatically configure themselves, and this can be easily managed with the security features out the box alongside local ACLs. Also some Wireless Access Points are only as good as door stopper once the licenses expire, whereas the CBW range will continue to work!

Great feature is that it has a captive portal to assist with smart house dashboard in future and additional services


This has contributed towards us achieving 4.93 /5 Superhost with Airbnb, so far with over 50 groups.