ChatGPT with API’s and Networks

Finally got around to seeing what ChatGPT 3 was all about, and it looks like web3 is starting to take shape!

GPTs impact on systems with APIs, will be revolutionary, as Gutenberg’s printing press was, but to be more people/environmental-centric.

What is an API ? Application Programming Interface, it is just a method how interaction occurs between system and system, or user and system. By definition, systems can be open, isolated or closed. We see hierarchies, including fractals and paretos planes, in many forms, and we strive for our networks, and programming models to be structured in a way that is seamless and easy to use. Nature Magazine just released a journal suggesting our natural language also has a hierarchy on which is still a new area of research to entertain.

Virtualisation variants of Cloud Computing and Software Defined Networking, have caused the IT disciplines to be more aligned through IEEE/IETF/ETSI to approach designing and administrating networks in more of an Object-Orient Programming (OOP) manner. This is to still allow further innovation yet standardise a consistent more uniform approach for homogeneity across industries between vendors.

Why is Representational State Transfer (REST) API language so popular ?

In English our sentences always have a subject and predicate (which includes the verb), where word order is critical! Just like having 2 devices electing roles in HA clashing, or sequence of routes that were redistributed, we can get race conditions where things can break/misunderstand. Both language and networking are ordinal.


The RESTful Interface has verbs

GET (see) POST (do) DELETE (stop), PATCH (add) PUT (update)

Then containers/leafs are the objects with classes and properties (nouns{interfaces}, adjectives{speed}). This will be more of an intuitive approach decreasing misconfigurations. YANG Suite proxying (similar to DCNM) or alongside a shell, Postman or cloud templates is great for this purpose.

The use of JSON key:value in RPC and RESTful APIs is an easier format to read, however REST beats RPC as the most prevalent API, due to its flexibility with resources, as 80%+ of worldwide web APIs currently reported to be in 2023

Popular frameworks within the networking field are PyATS, Ansible Core, Naplam, Nornir (EMSs), alongside multiple python libraries with Aeleon, Netbox have added extensive new skills to network engineers’ toolbox. It seems in future we will all have our own APl to plug into IoT, for example, an event driven hook, and ChatGPT was able to assist in coding far better than a traditional search engine would have made. Example: